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I was born in rural Essex in 1962 and have lived here for over 40 years. My father initially spurred my exploration of the countryside, encouraging my interests in plants and animals. I always loved to be outdoors as a child, whatever the weather! At school I was most interested in art - having a desire to let my imagination explore and create various pieces through different medium. I fell in love with the materials involved in pottery and recognised their potential  to form interesting shapes and surfaces.

I went on to marry my husband in 1986 and had my only daughter in 1988. During my daughter's childhood I continued to paint and sketch. After potter Geoff Elmore moved to my village my interest in pottery was rediscovered and it was he who taught me how to fire with a gas reduction kiln.

I decided to re-enter education and at Brick House completed my City and Guilds in ceramics in 2006. I subsequently went on to attend a range of courses in order to learn specialist areas and increase my ceramic skill set.

I now have my own studio at home, with various different kilns. I exhibit at galleries and numerous shows during the year. I am one of the founder members of  the Chelmer Valley Potters within East Anglia and am a member of The Guild of Essex Craftsmen.

I have developed varied and innovative methods, experimenting through modification of glazes to produce unique colours and effects.  I mostly use white clay to provide a pure background for glazes when creating Raku and Reduction stoneware. I use traditional skills which are complimented by my experimentation to produce the rich, complex colours, surfaces and textures within each piece. By carving and texturing the surfaces, truly individual pieces are created. 

Art Nouveau and organic forms have inspired much of my work, particularly the works of: