Raku is a low fired process rarely designed for practical use. The pieces are taken out of the kiln at 1000c with tongs and reduced in sawdust in an air tight metal container. I favour tin and copper glazes; tin can produce crackles to enhance the designs whereas copper is probably the most erratic constituent, providing wonderful colours from green, through turquoise to mauve and red. 

I like the spontaneity and harshness given by the Raku firing process. Fully reduced surfaces become pure metallic copper and the bare clay becomes black with the smoke. Raku fired items are not frost proof.

High Fired Reduction Stoneware

These pieces are thrown on my wheel or are handbuilt, the surfaces are then hand carved and textured. They are then bisque fired to 1020c, ready to take the glaze.
I make the glazes from raw ingredients, applying multiple layers of glaze by pouring, dipping or brushing on. This is a lengthy process as each layer must be completely dry before each new glaze application. After this the bottoms are cleaned and they are loaded into the kiln. 

The reduction is created by adjusting the gas and the bricks over the chimney, to create an oxygen starved atmosphere in the kiln. These adjustments are made every 1/2 hour , and every 15 minutes towards the end of the firing. This takes the oxygen out of the glaze and the clay when they are at a high temperature - which is when the pigments are most reactive. This changes the colours: copper can become red and iron green.

The addition of other trace elements (often found in the wood ash which I use) will also modify colours. Their reaction produces new metal salts, resulting in wonderful colours and unique effects. The pieces are fired to a temperature of 1300c. The total firing 
process takes 12 - 13 hours in total. These items are frost proof.

I love making the ceramics and strive to make beautiful and robust designs, I hope that the people that buy my domestic pots use and enjoy them on a daily basis, and that the Raku pieces are appreciated and enjoyed for many years.